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Our Cabin in Utah

Located at Strawberry Point, approximately 10 miles South of Duck Creek, Utah. The cabin sets on a slightly less than one acre plot of ground surrounded by Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir and Quacking Aspen. The surrounding forest supports an abundance of Wild Turkey, Elk, Deer and Antelope. Some say Bear too, but I've never seen any.


The three story structure is completely self contained using the sun for power and 5500 gallons of water storage... 3100 gallons located in the drive-in basement and another 2400 buried below the frost line outside.


Power is developed from 6 each 55 watt Kyocera Solar panels on the East side and 6 more 110 watt panels on the west side for the afternoon sun. The panels are wired for 24 volts and feeds a pair of TRACE C60 charge controller (one for each set of panels) charging 12 each 6 volt TROJAN L16H wet cell batteries at 1185 amp-hours each. The batteries are wired series/parallel for 24 volts. The battery bank drives a single  XANTREX (Trace) SW4024 4KW full sine wave inverter/charger. For those short, winter days when the sun just can't make it through the clouds, An ONAN 7.5 KW propane powered generator is ready, willing and more than able to pickup the load.


Summer fun and general transportation is provided by a pair of POLARIS ATV's while the winter rides are on two snowmobiles, one a YAMAHA 400 and the other an ARTIC CAT 450


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